SportzConsult Viewpoint - Building Sporty India

A practical approach to building a sporting nation

Time and again, the question pops up why India is not a sporting nation. But have you ever wondered what does being a sporty nation mean? Does Abhinav Bindra’s Gold medal at the Beijing Olympics make India a “Shooting Nation”? Does the launch of Indian Super League make India a “Footballing Nation”? For us, the answer is really simple. A sport is successful if there are lots of participants in the sport as well a lot of fans of the sport at all levels.


Bringing Realism into Marketing Communications

In the changing consumer world where the consumers are getting smarter and able to read through the marketing jargon, marketers are in the continuous look out for innovative ways to build an authentic brand image and a personal connect with the target audience.

Experiential Sports Marketing provides one such phenomenal opportunity. The growing momentum towards health and fitness and the rising disposable income has opened up opportunities for brands to reach its prized consumer directly through a medium of his deep interest. The report explores experiential sports marketing as an opportunity for brands to break the clutter by involving the customer actively rather than him being a passive recipient of overindulgent marketing campaigns. Through personal interviews with industry experts, a thorough consumer market survey in India’s top 10 cities, rigorous literature review, the report presents successful best practices from around the globe and chalks out a 7-Step Process for brands to create and successfully execute a winning sports experiential program.

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EduSports 7th Annual Health Survey

7th Annual Health Survey

EduSports' Annual Health Survey is India's first ever national health and fitness survey for school children. We conduct this survey to understand the overall health and fitness levels of kids in schools and to make Physical ducation and sports an integral part of the school curriculum.


A Study on Sports Marketing Trends & Perceptions in India. First ever survey on sports marketing among India's leading brand custodians – 2012

In an effort to understand the trends and perceptions in the use of sports as a marketing tool among brands in India, SportzConsult conducted a survey among 125 senior marketing professionals who handle brands across varied categories including FMCG, Automotive, Telecom and BFSI.


Employee Engagement through Sports. A SportzConsult Survey.

"Health is wealth!" We keep coming across this proverb every now and then. But how relevant is it? Here’s the answer – It is no secret what stress does to the body. A healthy body leads to better outcomes in work and life. For example, an employee would be able to perform well and achieve high productivity including meeting certain key performance indicators in his or her job profile if he is healthy. Playing, training, and competing in sport has physical benefits plus it hones life skills!